How The World Spends Its Time Online – The Future Direction of Downloads

Its hard to deny the fact that the world is becoming more digital putting an increasing demand on the need for technology to keep up with the pace information innovation and distribution. Now more then ever before humans are sharing files online, streaming multimedia and transferring content between each other which ultimately heightens the importance internet download speeds which is exactly why download boosters are so important. The world is changing and our computers abilities to keep us connected and productive at efficient and effective rates is as important as it has ever been. Lets take a look at this Visualeconomics infographic on how the world spends its time according to a recent Nielsen study regarding consumer behavior. This should give us great insight into how high the demand truly is for powerful download tools and strong Internet functions and capabilities.


Downloads In Demand Infographic Factor #1 – Average American Spends More Then 60 Hours A Month Online

According to the infographic when you add all this up it is the equivalent of 30 straight days a year spent online by the average U.S. resident. This is a lot of focus and energy concentrated on using one tool and an aspect of getting value out of the internet is by utilizing downloads. If our time online is constantly increasing so to will our need for downloads and improved download speeds. Spending more time online while needing to spend less time waiting for media content is the reality we live in today making download boosters one of the most optimal ways to improve the quality of time spent online.

Downloads In Demand Infographic Factor #2 – 42% of Worldwide Internet Users View Content With There Hours Logged Online

This statistic is interesting because it shows how most of the time we spend online is interacting with content which means lots of downloading and organizing of data and media. If we are constantly waiting on files to download and transfer between drives and directories much of our time will be wasted or spent waiting which does not do anyone any good. One of the best ways to solve these types of dilemmas is through download boosters. They truly do make time spent online that much better.

Downloads In Demand Infographic Factor #3 – 55% Of American Adults Use The Internet Everyday

Pretty amazing to think that more then half the Adults in the U.S. use the internet at least once a day. That’s a whole lot of logging on and downloading of data. Imagine improving a daily experience of over half the people in America. That is exactly what a good download booster can do. With so much time being spent online we all should be working together to figure out how to make our time on the internet more enjoyable but more productive as well and a lot of this will highly depend on how fast we can access content.

Given today’s technologies and resources there is little reason everyone should not have faster internet connections and boosted download times. Grab a download booster today and experience internet enjoyment increase in no time at all.

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