eDonkey Accelerator About Us

Hate waiting for your favorite movie to download? Frustrated when your friend sends you that must watch video but your the last one to see it due to your download speeds? We hate these types of online feelings as much as the next person which is why we created the eDonkey Accelerator. Tired of always waiting around for the music we wanted to hear and the media wanted to see on the web we decided to solve our access issues by creating the eDonkey Accelerator. An innovative, efficient and effective download booster that will speed up your MP3, video, and media files downloads to be faster than ever before the eDonkey Accelerator was created with those on the go in mind. Many times we find ourselves stuck on the road with only a slow Internet connection accessible making quick downloads and uploads nearly impossible that is until we invented the eDonkey Accelerator. There is nothing more upsetting then being on vacation or traveling for work and not being able to receive or send the data and information that you need to which is the inspiration behind our unique, proprietary download booster technology. If you are looking for that next level download assist then look no further then the eDonkey Accelerator.

Downloads Don’t Deserve To Decelerate
eDonkey Accelerator